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The First and Only
Unified Key Person Advocacy Platform

Coordinating and integrating all of your Key People into your Advocacy plan is very hard. KP Dashboard allows you to consolidate all of your Advocacy fronts into a single, easy-to-use interface that can be used by all of your team members across any platform.

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Be the first in your profession to sign with KP Dashboard and enjoy an additional 20% discount for the entirety of your 1st Agreement!*

"I usually have spreadsheets, email, cell phone, the legislative app, and our organization directory open to get any of this done. This has made everything so easy!"

Dr. Jennifer Deakins
Grassroots Chair

Empower Your Team
with KP Dashboard

Why KP Dashboard?

  • Unify all of your Advocacy onto one platform
  • Get all of your team on the same app
  • Centralize all messaging 
  • Keep a permanent Advocacy History
  • Track and plan PAC contributions
  • Integrated Bill Tracking (coming soon)
  • Create, send, and track Advocacy Messages
  • Much, much, more...
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Advocacy-driven organizations choose KP Dashboard

A Unified Platform for Your Grassroots Advocacy

No other option has the set of tools that we have put together to stay on top of all aspects of your Advocacy.

Find and Assign
Your KPs

  • Import all of your Advocate profiles along with their Home and Work addresses
  • KPD will automatically assign accurate legislative districts upon import for every address
  • When needed, redistricting everything is one click away
  • Find and match Advocactes to Legislators creating a Key Person [KP]
  • Assign up to 5 KPs (KP1, KP2, etc)
  • Track relationship qualities for each KP/Legislator pair

Legislator Database

  • See your Legislator images and other details easily
  • All vital data available (phone, address, social media, etc)
  • Filter by committee or subcommitee
  • Save notes or rate each by level of support
  • Track Votes, tasks performed by KPs, and Session Notes in one centralized Session Dashboard
  • Create personalized Advocacy Messages for your Advocates to review and send in 2-clicks

Bill Tracking

Coming soon!

Monitoring the legislative landscape for bills to your cause is a full time job.

  • Set keywords and phrases to monitor
  • Get instant notifications when key word or phrase matches
  • Search and select which bills to ignore, monitor, or track
  • Track your bills across entire app
  • See which legislators are sponsoring which bills

2-Click Advocacy

Create personalized messages for your KPs or Advocates to send to their Legislators in just a few clicks...

  • Choose the legislators who will receive the message
  • Create your message using our variable system
  • Invite your Advocates or just KPs to review, edit if they like, and send their message(s)
  • Track who has sent their messages
  • Track when legislators open their messages
  • Easily resend the invite to those who have yet to send their messages