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The Platform

KP Dashboard was built from the ground up on an enterprise-level platform designed to scale.
We take this stuff seriously...

Scalable Workflow
and Options

KP Dashboard has many options to customize the platform to how you like to work.

Select your relevant committees for House, Senate, or Joint. Select your Admins, Regional Coordinators, KPs, etc easily within the intergrated app.

Work as a single Admin or with a Team.

24/7 Uptime
and 100% reliability

We only use enterprise-level technology to ensure the product is available to you at every moment.

Manage Your
Team Hierarchy

Big or small?

Lots of Admins or just one?

Got lobbyists?

Regional Coordinators?

Either way, we got you...

Integrated End to End

Legislative and Advocacy secrets are sacred and deserve the same level of security that banks use - so that's what we use.

Our systems use the highest-levels of security as well as 2FA logins (if required).

Packed With Features
Your Team Will Love

Unparalleled Flexibility

Use our integrated tools to work the way you like to work whether you have a very large team or are a single Admin.

Monitor Metrics

Keep an eye on which legislators are being contacted and which are not. See which KPs are finishing their tasks and who may need help.

Performance Insights

The closer you get to those legislative deadlines, see at a glance if you're in the position you need to be to get across the finish line.

KP Task Self-Reporting

All of your KPs have the ability to self-report their progress directly back into your Dashboard saving you from having to track them down.

Stay on Task

Use the integrated Timeline to plan and keep track of your progress throughout the entire legislative process.

No Downloads or Installs

KP Dashboard works on any desktop, tablet, or phone in Android, iOS, OSX, Windows, etc. There is NOTHING to install by any of your team, ever.