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KP Dashboard

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A full Suite of features
depending on your needs

Advocate Database

Import and coordinate your Advocates with simple one-click redistricting

Legislator Database

We provide a comprehensive Legislator database

Assign KPs

Find and assign Advocates to Legislators

Assign KP Tasks

Create and assign tasks for certain Legislators

PAC Donation Widget

Allow Advocates to donate to your PAC in just a few clicks

KP Self-Report

Allow KPs to self-report using autlologins

Profile Self-Update

Send a link that allows all Advocates to update their profile on their own

Advocacy Messaging

Customized Advocate messages for Legislators

Region Support

For states that break up their map into Regions

KP Messaging

2-way KP messaging via email or text

Mass Messaging

Mass message your Advocates

Session Dashboard

Track everything in Session Dashboard


Create and disseminate secure KP Resources


Export all Advocates, Legislators, or Dashboard


Import your own Advocates whenever you'd like

Bill Tracking

(Coming soon)
Search, track, and monitor bills

5 Team Logins

Up to 5 Admins and Regional Coordinators

10 Team Logins

Up to 10 Admins and Regional Coordinators

Unlimited Team Logins

Unlimited Admins and Regional Coordinators

Online Docs

24/7 access to online docs

Ticket Support

Submit tickets with responses within a few days

Chat Support

Chat support with responses within a few hours

Phone Support

Immediate phone support

Compare Plans

A plan to suit every team at every step of a campaign.
Features Essential Premium Professional
Advocates Import/Profiles
Legislator Database
Assign KPs & Tasks
Team Resources
Region Support -
KP Messaging -
KP Self-Reporting -
Mass Messaging - Email only Email/Text
Advocacy Messaging - -
Bill Tracking - - Coming Soon!
Team Members Up to 5 Up to 10 20+
Support Tickets, Online Docs
<48hr response
Chat, Tickets, Online Docs
<24hr response
Phone, Chat, Tickets, Online Docs
<4hr response

Unify Your Advocacy in One App

KP Dashboard has the tools needed to become your Home for all of your Advocacy


Organize and mobilize all of your Advocates in moments

Bill Tracking

Stay on top of anything that might possibly affect your Advocates


Alert and motivate your Advocates to speak up when the time's right

Empower Your Advocacy
and Achieve Your Goals

If it's time to get serious about your Advocacy,
it's time to get KP Dashboard.

Team Collaboration

With possibly thousands of Advocates, hundreds of KPs, many emails, texts, and tasks; team collaboration is imperative.

KP Mobilization

Instantly message all of your KPs with personalized emails or texts using a single interface and receive replies in a centralized Messages area.

Contracted Clients Receive...

Active clients enjoy full access to all of the app, trainings,
support, and forum. Interested? Please schedule a demo!


For a nominal fee, our team with assist with all aspects of your orgnization's setup including data cleanup and import of Advocate profiles and address districting.

Initial Training

Upon onboarding of your organization, we will provide Zoom trainings as well as ongoing support for your team to ensure your success!

User Forum

Active clients have access to other users in order to be as efficient as possible. Talk strategy, feature updates, and get the most out of KPD.

Online Docs

(coming soon)
Thorough Documentation, FAQ, and Support Guides are on the way in v3! Almost any answer can be found here.


Support is always available during business hours, but our after-hours automated system is ready to help you 24/7.

Advocacy Specialist

Select plans have access to an Advocacy Specialist who can help guide your plan.