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Pricing That Suits All Sizes

KP Dashboard is offered per Advocate per month.

Month-to-month or 1+ year contract with evergreen renewal.
Estimate only. Final pricing based on actual number of imported Advocates.

Lock in your rate for the Agreement term!

For small and/or quiet teams


Per Advocate/ per month

  • Advocate Profiles
    - Unlimited Import
    - Custom Profile Fields
  • Legislator Database
    - Donation Tracking
    - Support Ratings
    - Private Notes
  • Assign KPs & Tasks
    - Find the perfect KP
    - Assign & Track Tasks
  • Team Resources
    - Create Team Resources
  • 5 Team Logins
  • Online Support
    - Ticket Support
    - Online Documentation
    - Response in <48 hours

For Active Organizations


Per Advocate/ per month

  • Essential plus...
  • Region Support
    - Regions w/ Coordinators
    - Assign Districts to Regions
  • Mass Messaging
    - 2-way KP messaging
    - Email only
  • KP Self-Reporting
    - KPs autologin
    - Self-report notes and tasks
  • 10 Team Logins
  • Prompt Support
    - Chat Support
    - Ticket Support
    - Online Documentation
    - Response in <24 hours

Full Advocacy Suite


Per Advocate/ per month

  • Premium plus...
  • Advocacy Messaging
    - Custom Advocate Messages to Legislators
    - Include variables to craft your message
    - Sent in just 2 clicks
  • Mass Messaging
    - Email, text, or combo
  • 20+ Team Logins
    - Enough for the largest organizations
  • Premium Support
    - Phone Support
    - Chat Support
    - Ticket Support
    - Online Documentation
    - Response in a few hours or less

*One-time $2500 onboarding fee required for all new clients.
>24 month gaps in service may require repeat onboarding

Don’t know what to choose? Contact Us to get
help with your plan and an accurate quote.

PAC Donation Widget

(planned feature)
Invite Advocates to donate directly to your PAC account in just a few clicks.
Our customizable PAC donation widget is available as an addon for any package.
  • Reduce donation times down to a few seconds
  • Customize your donation amounts
  • Send secure and unique donation links to your Advocates
  • Advocate name and details load into widget automatically
  • Ensure compliance for each state
  • Only 4.95% fee per donation

Compare Plans

A plan to suit every team at every step of their Advocacy campaign.
Features Essential Premium Professional
Advocates Import/Profiles
Legislator Database
Assign KPs & Tasks
Team Resources
Region Support -
KP Messaging -
KP Self-Reporting -
Mass Messaging - Email only Email/Text
Advocacy Messaging - -
Bill Tracking - - Coming Soon!
Team Members Up to 5 Up to 10 20+
Support Tickets, Online Docs
<48hr response
Chat, Tickets, Online Docs
<24hr response
Phone, Chat, Tickets, Online Docs
<4hr response

Frequently Asked

What defines an Advocate?
An Advocate can be any person who can dutifully represent your cause and advocate on your behalf. This can be a current organization member, past member, expert in the field, or any other person you'd like to add to your Advocate database. Constituent Advocates are especially powerful.
How long does onboarding take?
Onboarding depends heavily on 1) how many Advocates you have 2) the quality of your Advocate data 3) the complexity of your initial setup and 4) how focused and comitted your team is to get started. With that being said, we can typically onboard most teams in 7 days from the time we get the Advocate data.
What discounts do you offer?

We are now offering these discounts: 20% off for 1-year contract, 30% for 2 Year, 40% for 3 Year (lock in your rate). We offer bulk discounts to national organizations that contract with us. 

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes! If you represent multiple organizations, please contact us for a custom quote; however, for single organizations, bulk discounts are built into our pricing model above.

Is there a minimum agreement length?

We allow 6-month minimum month-to-month Agreements. Yearly contracts are cheaper with a 1 year minimum and an evergreen clause; however, it is more cost effective for longer contracts (also, you lock in your rate for the contract term).

What is the fee for onboarding?
Onboarding for new clients is $2,500 which includes Advocate data sanitation, data import, initial trainings, planning, and setup.
What levels of support does KP Dashboard provide?
We provide different levels of Support depending on the level of Plan chosen. We are on East Coast time and will respond quickly during normal business hours. We offer Support via ticket, chat, phone, and online documentation through an automated system.
What happens when my plan expires?
Your contract will autorenew at the anniversary date unless you have specifically requested otherwise.
Is there a free trial available?
Because of the nature of the app which requires onboarding and setup, there is no way to offer free trials; however, we do offer in-depth demos for your entire team.
Can I change my subscription at any time?
We allow upgrades to higher plans mid-contract at which time your plan renews for another year; unfortunately, we cannot allow downgrading plans until the current plan ends.
What if I'm only interested in one feature from a different plan?
At this time, there is no way to cherry-pick features from different plans. We think you'll find that if you need one feature from a higher-level plan, then you most-likely need the other features of that plan as well.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Due to the large financial and time commitment we incur onboarding and supporting new clients, we cannot allow sudden ends to a contract; however, we do allow for month-to-month contracts.
Instead of importing our Advocates, can you connect directly to our database?

This is unfortunately not possible for technical reasons that are beyond our control. Also, we do not want your services to be disrupted by outside forces that are not under our control.

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