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Meet Jacob

10 January, 2024


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We are thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Jacob, who has joined us as our Client Success Manager.

Jacob comes to us with an impressive background, having graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Economics and Government. His academic achievements and professional expertise make him a fantastic addition to our team. We are confident that Jacob's unique insights and dedication to client success will be invaluable in helping us continue to deliver outstanding service.

Jacob is enthusiastic about building strong relationships with our clients and contributing to our ongoing projects with his fresh perspective and innovative ideas. He is eager to collaborate with all of you and contribute to our shared goals.

Your continued support means all the word, and I truly appreciate all of the support you have showed us!


Adam Parker, OD
Founder / Head of UX
KP Dashboard

Adam Parker

Adam Parker is the Founder, CEO, and Head of UX for KP Dashboard. He is a passionate advocacy veteran, a lifelong learner, and tireless volunteer. Adam is obsessed with grassroots advocacy, solving big problems for his clients, and building intuitive SaaS products that transform the advocacy sector. He enjoys playing the guitar, hitting the gym when time allows, coding, boating, fishing, and spending quality time with his family.
10 January, 2024

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