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Using Custom Fields to Find the Perfect Key Person

Today I'd like to walk through a Case Study on the powerful new feature Custom Member Fields. This is a new feature that has been integrated into KP Dashboard since April 2020. I'll show you an innovative use for it.


Legislatively-active Associations should assign a Key Person to every Legislator of importance to their cause. This, as we know, is the backbone of any grassroots campaign - feet on the ground. However, not just any KP will do - you need to have your strongest members as your KPs. How do you find these people? Well, one way is through their data.

Let's look at some simple data points that could be used on a Membership database:

  • sex
  • age
  • political leanings
  • PAC contributor?
  • degree
  • certifications
  • custom1
  • custom2
  • custom3

As you can see, there are many data points with which you can quantify, sort, and filter human beings. Let's use some of these in this Case Study.

The Case

The 1000-member Fake Medical Assistant Association (FMAA) would like to pass legislation that gives their members new scope enhancement; X-Ray. Right now there are other states in the US that have this scope which puts this particular state and Association at a competitive disadvantage. New graduates are not seeking work in this state and practitioners are finding it harder to find suitable employees for their practice.

The FMAA's best chance to pass this new scope legislation is to get their message across to the people who matter: the legislators who are voting. In this Case, it would be the Health Committee.

So, the FMAA must find suitable KPs for these Legislators. If they do a blanket search for a KP, they will only see names and districts.  A quick search may come up with 100 names or more which isn't very helpful.

custom fieldsThe Solution

What if the FMAA could filter their Membership by a custom field called, "Certifications".

In this custom field they create 5 options; one for each certification type possible by a Medical Assistant.

  1. Injections
  2. Intubation
  3. X-Ray
  4. Anesthesia
  5. Ultrasound

Perhaps the FMAA has 250 members that have already been certified for X-Ray - wouldn't they be your best option to pass the message along to your important Legislators? Of course they would.

Now, when sorting through suitable candidates for a KP, the FMAA checks off "X-Ray" in the Certifications field. Now, there are only 10 candidates - perfect!  If you know a particular Legislator is a Republican, then continue to drill down your KP search:

  1. Political Leanings: Republican
  2. PAC Contributor: Yes
  3. Certifications: X-Ray

In this Case, a Key Person which has given to PAC, is Republican, and also certified in X-Ray would be the perfect candidate to explain your case to the Legislator. 

Use your Custom Fields to produce very powerful filtering!

Adam Parker

Adam Parker is the Founder, CEO, and Head of UX for KP Dashboard. He is a passionate advocacy veteran, a lifelong learner, and tireless volunteer. Adam is obsessed with grassroots advocacy, solving big problems for his clients, and building intuitive SaaS products that transform the advocacy sector. He enjoys playing the guitar, hitting the gym when time allows, coding, boating, fishing, and spending quality time with his family.
19 April, 2020